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Mr. Harry Emerson is an expert in computers, voice and data communications, and the Internet. His career history includes 25 years in various sales, management, and strategic capacities at AT&T; and the design and management of large-scale, multi-million dollar enterprise applications and data systems including the consolidation of 40 data networks into a single corporate-wide network, and an application for 5,000 sales representatives to access 120 million customer records. He has numerous patents issued and pending against a variety of technologies including FM radio, Internet streaming, PC software, and telecommunications. His background in switching systems and data networking, along with concepts he developed in corporate architecture and strategy positions, ultimately led to the development of a patent portfolio that defines the next generation of telecommunications, featuring secure, rich MultiMedia capabilities. Mr. Emerson co-founded GEODE Electronics to commercialize a series of patented enhancements to commercial FM radio. Subsequently, Mr. Emerson co-founded SurferNETWORK, an Internet streaming media business.

Mr. William Grywalski has a wealth of experience in business development, strategic alliances, geographical expansion, strategic planning and acquisitions. Mr. Grywalski's experience has provided the foundation for a 20-year executive career in diversified high-tech industries. He has played key roles in start-up organizations and in nationally-established companies to enhance revenue, to improve profits, and to grow geographically. He was a senior executive of marketing and sales in an Information Technology business, with responsibilities for a $75 million dollar successful business. Mr. Grywalski co-founded GEODE Electronics, and co-founded and manages SurferNETWORK, an Internet streaming media business. He has a M.S. in Environmental Science and a B.S. in Geology.

Mr. Harold Price heads the BekTek Consulting Group, which has provided the core technology development for SurferNETWORK. Mr. Price invented and is the patent-holder of some of SurferNETWORK's key technology pieces. In years gone by, Harold helped develop the technology behind packet radio in the amateur radio service. He also developed a real-time operating system for small spacecraft that is in use on 33 earth orbit satellites. In April 2000, BekTek was the first to place a TCP stack onboard a satellite and use Internet Protocols such as Ping, NTP, and FTP to directly control it from the ground. Mr. Price has designed and managed the development of a number of hardware devices and systems, including wireless Internet devices and the broadcast radio Emergency Alert system in use throughout the United States.



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