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User Features -- The Dazzle of Las Vegas Lights

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Here’s are examples of the kind of user features that are possible

Present a Web Page to Callers:

Every phone becomes a website, every phone number becomes a domain name.

Use your screen phone to dial OfficeMax. Call setup data transits the SS7 network to OfficeMax. If the OfficeMax telephone system is conventional (analog), SS7 coordinates both ends, and the phone rings. But, if the OfficeMax telephone system is Next Generation capable, it responds with MultiMedia information. OfficeMax knows that most calls to its stores are for a few specific purposes – What are your hours? Where are you located? Do you have 28 lb. high gloss photo paper in stock? So, the OfficeMax phone system responds with a WebPhone® page, offering, as in the illustration, five menu items, each of which will popup subsequent WebPhone® pages as necessary. The caller’s phone has a touch screen, so all the caller has to do is touch the menu item they want – couldn’t be more simple. If you want to talk to someone, drill down through the Departments menu, or just push the Connect button.

Office Max

Send a Web Page Whenever You Place a Call:

You can arrange your phone or phone system to send callers a web page with whatever information you desire. In this example, you are sending your Electronic Business Card with your photo. But, it could be any information you like – your company logo, or even your MySpace page.



An Entirely New Generation of Social Networking Technology:

All you did was dial Kaitlin Baker’s phone number and you got her MySpace page. This will have profound implications for today’s Social Networking Generation.




Let Your Customers Manage Their Network Features:

The phone company used to send out these stickers with a listing of central office features and the dial codes to activate them, because nobody could remember the features or what the codes were, so you were supposed to glue it to your phone. But few people did that, so few people know any of features except perhaps for call forwarding.

But let's turn this around, and give you a display screen into the telephone company's service center so that you can see the features that are available to you and enable you to active them and understand them. For example, do you know that there is a feature of Anonymous Call Rejection? Do you know the dial codes for that? What about Call Forwarding: Are your calls forwarded now? Do you need to forward your calls? Do you know the dial codes to forward your calls? With a visual representation, all of these features go from mysterious and difficult to straight-forward and simple.


Solve the Nightmare of Automated Attendant Voice Prompts:

Similarly, callers can interact with any type of telephone device at the remote end – Voicemail systems, Automated Attendant Systems, PBX’s, etc.  The iPhone integration with Voicemail systems is the closest anyone has ever come toward exploiting Internet-style capabilities in telephony.




Since the Internet carries MultiMedia data at high speed, video phone service is finally practical:

We've heard about video phone calls for years and years, and every once in a while, some of us actually get to use it. But with this new capability of multimedia being built into and inherent to the telephone system, videophone service will be a part of our daily lives. Anytime you want a video phone call, you can have it. It will literally change the way we communicate.

Video Phone




Profound Implications



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