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Emerson Development LLC

Advances in Computers and Communications

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Emerson Development is a technology incubator, established to develop technologies and spin off businesses based on those technologies.

Our objective and the centerpiece of our business model is to collaborate with investors to launch new businesses to market the licensing of products or services based on our technology. We are presently seeking early stage investments to further that objective.

The role of such a business is to develop a market opportunity for a particular technology through various sales and promotion techniques -- a marketing business to sell licensing agreements to other businesses. As with any traditional business, sales and promotion might include various forms of advertising, trade shows, PR activities such as press releases and fostering featured articles, as well as direct (person-to-person) and indirect sales (e.g., e-commerce).  Proof-of-concept development, and product prototyping may be required.

Licensing businesses of this type have a unique value in that they offer extremely high leverage on investment -- featuring a small footprint in terms of employees, low expenses, high revenue, and high margin.



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