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The conventional keyboard layout is an archaic design that does not meet the needs of modern PC usage patterns

Keyboard Enhancements

      Do you feel obligated to stay with the things you are used to, even if they don’t work right?

      Does progress make you uneasy?

      Are you content with inconvenience? poor design?

If you answered “yes” to the above, then the traditional computer keyboard design is for you, despite its shortcomings.

But, if you are frustrated by inefficient designs and enjoy advances that make things easier, you will want to know about the Emerson Development keyboard enhancements.

The basic layout of today’s computer keyboard is the same as the standard typewriter -- the way they’ve been for the last seventy years, and made most popular by the IBM Selectric typewriter of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Our enhancements offer four primary improvements:

  1. Texturize Important Keys: Using a mouse causes the hands to constantly move away from and back to the keyboard causing frequent errors and requiring constant glances at the keyboard to assure proper hand placement and key operation. Textured keys help your fingers find the home keys and other important keys, avoiding those errors and minimizing the need to look at the keyboard for assurance. This improvement offers better tactile feedback to correctly reposition your hands on returning to the keyboard, as well as providing positive feedback as reassurance that you’ve hit the right key for a few “important keys” (Enter, Delete, Backspace, and Tab) that can cause undesirable actions if hit inadvertently.

    We believe that our designs will become the standard for PC keyboards -- they solve problems and make the computer more useful at an insignificant extra cost

  2. Tired of Accidentally Typing in All Caps? We have software improvements that provide visual and audible clues that will virtually eliminate accidentally typing in ALL CAPS. This software functionality can be incorporated into a keyboard driver, into an application, or sold directly to users as a DLL. We have a demo application (much like Notepad or Wordpad) so you can see this in operation for yourself. Go to the CAPS LOCK page and then click on the download link to download and install this application.
  3. Load Balancing Right and Left Hands: The typewriter layout was designed to balance the workload between your two hands. But, the introduction of the mouse wrecked that balance. Now your right hand must flip back and forth between the mouse and the “editing” keys (Enter, Delete, Backspace), which are only on the right-hand side of the keyboard. So your right hand is very busy, while your left hand has little to do. Our new left-handed “editing” keys enable the left hand to operate these keys while the right hand operates the mouse. This is an improvement that should have been made twenty years ago when the Graphical User Interface was invented.
  4. Numeric Keypad as Fully Functional Calculator: With the power of a computer, the least you would think it could do is replace a lowly desktop calculator. But, most people still have a desktop calculator alongside their computer or handy in a drawer, because deficiencies in  keyboard design make it awkward as a calculator replacement. The reason is that the computer numeric keypad was designed by IBM in the mid 80’s to function as a data entry terminal for mainframe computers, not as a highly functional computer calculator. So, to this day, you suffer from a twenty-year old design limitation. Our design improvements to the numeric cluster turn it into a very useful, full-function calculator in conjunction with a desktop calculator emulation software application. Other improvements to the numeric keypad make it easier to use and more useful when working with word processor tables and spreadsheets. Isn’t it time to move on to the next generation of design?

The conventional keyboard layout is an archaic design that does not meet the needs of modern PC usage patterns. It is the weak link in the present day human-machine interface. We believe that, over time, our designs will become the standard for PC keyboards -- the designs are better because they solve problems and make the computer more useful, at an insignificant incremental manufacturing cost.

It’s all about fixing inadequate designs so that things work the way they should. Our enhancements are small, incremental improvements that make  workaday PC’s a bit easier to use. They fix design flaws that have existed for twenty years. We’ve all accepted the conventional designs as the way things should be, but take a fresh look with us and you’ll see that keyboards do need improvement. If you are a computer or keyboard manufacturer, your customers will appreciate and value these innovations.

Adding these design features to keyboards will significantly improve the functionality and usability of keyboards, and at the same time reopen the marketability of this product as a value-added feature of a computer system.



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